Best Herbal Clinics In Kenya

Best Herbal Clinics In Kenya 


Herbal Clinics

Hello, in this article we are going to cover in shortly the most/best herbal clinics found in Kenya.Us we know In Kenya now days there is a lot of herbal clinic opened every day but not all of opening click are best for our treatment

So due to this fact PERUZINASI.COM we decided to analyse the best one clinic.

The list below show those best herbal clink that found in Kenya

Best herbal clinics in kenya 2022

Kenya Neem Foundation Herbal Clinic, Accra Road, Nairobi.

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Neem foundation welcomes you. We are a research foundation that engages in projects involving education and awareness campaigns on the value of preserving, conservation, expansion and sustainable utilization of natural resources laying more emphasis on the rare indigenous species of plants most of which happens to be endowed with immense medicinal and economic value.

The foundation was established in the year 1996 by the late Professor Anthony Kithinji Mwongo and has come a long way since, managing to create a positive atmosphere for the alternative medicine industry in Kenya. We have registered impressive rate of growths, both in terms of research, environmental conservation and provision of quality researched and affordable alternative medical care to Kenyans..

At Neem foundation, we work with communities in all regions of Kenya to help them eradicate poverty through income generating activities by establishing nurseries for timber, fuel and medicinal trees like Neem tree, Moringa Oleifera, Acacia merifera, Prunus africana, Warbugia ugandensis, Carissa edulis and countless others.

Murugu Herbal Clinic, 7th Floor Contrust House, Nairobi

muruguclinic: November 2017

Murugu Natural & Nutritional Clinic has been in existence for the past 11 years having started in Nakuru town as a cottage therapist provider with locally sourced products. We have extended to other towns meeting the needs of  desperate patients suffering from the so called chronic diseases. We have made it our objective to research and get answers to chronic diseases and can now boldly say that we can provide answers to 95% of the known chronic diseases. Our database has over 50,000 cases which have been presented to our clinics when desperate but have received treatment and have walked free with the hope of living tomorrow.

Our researchers are always working to improve on our drugs to reduce the said time frame the drug takes to cure. this time frame is built up from long consultation and observation of over 200 ailments.

Makini Herbal Clinic, Ground Floor, Post Bank.

MAKINI HERBAL CLINIC (Nairobi, Kenya) - Contact Phone, Address

What distinguishes Makini Herbal Clinic from the rest is that it refers its patients to convectional doctors and vice-verse, thus bridging the gap between convectional and traditional medicines. Therefore, a visit to Makini Herbal Clinic does not mean that a person is automatically going to be administered herbal medicine medicines as the last and only solution.

Makini Herbal Clinic also offers pre-and post-test counseling services for HIV/AIDS cases.

Currently, Makini Herbal Clinic has its storks Herbal Clinic A-quit granule, an immune-enhancing agent that exerts a comprehensive strengthening of the body. It is a newly effective drug for the management of H.IV infection. Aquit granule suppresses the viremiacaused by SIV-mae and reduces the level of viral loading in the plasma. A-quit granule has no side effect observed. The clinic observation of 155 people infected with HIV made by a Sino-Tanzania co-ordinating group for treating AIDS with A-quit, granule, has proved that the total effective rate amounted to 45 – 60 per cent, according to the evaluating standard of efficiency from the four aspects of viral loading, immunological function, symptom’s and signs of the HIV/AIDS patients. It alleviated the patients suffering from fatigue, low fever, dry cough, nigh sweating, loss of appetite, skin rash, enlargement of lymph node and chronic diarrhea. No toxic action and side effect was observed.

Oriental Chinese Herbal Clinic, Lower Kabete Road.

The Oriental Chinese Herbal Company was established in 1992.Inially founded by Dr.Li Chuan who has been engaged in Chinese acupuncture and herbal practice for more than thirty years. He is a graduate of Shandong Traditional Chinese University in China.

For the past twelve years, the company’s success has been attributed to the determination and dedication of our team lead by Dr. Li Chuan comprising of research doctors, skilled nurses and elite marketing executives.

At Oriental our aim is clear. To offer alternative treatment and remedies that is safe with no side effects at cost effective prices. Our company has achieved tremendous growth realizing the global demand for herbal products. We have since then offered our services and products to the regional and international market and as expected the results have been overwhelming.


Koibatek Herbal Clinic, Tom Mboya Street


Koibatek Herbal Clinic on Twitter: "@KoibatekC For prevention of lifestyle diseases and cure visit our clinics #herbalifenutrition #herbs #detox #healthcare #HealthyFood" / Twitter



Koibatek Herbal clinic has distinguished itself in the counseling, prevention,treatment and consultancy in various ailment through researched herbal remedies. with ambitious mission: To exceed customer expectation through genuine quality health care, innovative services and positive operation outcomes , the clinic has expanded to realise the global demand for herbal products.

Established in 1998 koibatek Herbal clinic has since offered services and products to the regional and international market and has achieved overwhelming results. It was founded by Dr shadrack Moimett who has been engaged in herbal practice for more than 30 years.

Our Clinic has achieved tremendous growth realizing the global demand for herbal products. We have since then offered our services and products to the regional and international market and as expected the results have been overwhelming.


To exceed customer expectations through genuine quality health care, innovative services and positive operational outcomes.


To be a Natural Health Referral facility that preserves the Human Race against the so-called untreatable diseases


Center for Traditional Medicine & Drugs Research – CTMDR by Kenya.


Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) is a State Corporation established through the Science and Technology (Amendment) Act of 1979, which has since been amended to Science, Technology and Innovation Act 2013. The 1979 Act established KEMRI as a National body responsible for carrying out health research in Kenya. Currently, KEMRI Operates under Legal Notice No.35 of March.

Who We Are

The Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) is a State Corporation established in Kenya in 1979 through the Science and Technology (Repealed) Act, Cap 250 of the Laws of Kenya operated under the Science Technology and Innovation Act, 2013 as the national body responsible for carrying out research in human health in Kenya. Currently, KEMRI operates under Legal Notice No. 35 of March 2021

KEMRI has grown from its humble beginning over 40 years ago to become a regional leader in human health research.

The Institute currently ranks as one of the leading Centres of excellence in health research both in Africa as well as globally.

Amra Herbal ClinicMombasa.

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Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Mombasa,Opening at 8:00 AM
Gynaecological Herbal remedies, infectious and other general conditions. Natural family planning and consultation services a


  1. Other Herbal Clinic In KENYA
  2. Kamirithu Herbal Clinic. Ngara Blessed House, Nairobi.
  3. Asili Herbals Cure Clinic, 1st Floor, Mfangano Trade Center, Nairobi.


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