Bookkeeping Form 1 Syllabus

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Bookkeeping is the recording, on a day-to-day basis, of the financial transactions and information pertaining to a business. It ensures that records of the individual financial transactions are correct, up-to-date and comprehensive.. Example if Abel is a trader, all his business transaction are recorded as those of the business and not as Abel’s own transaction. In this subject you will able to record those transactions correctly, accuracy in recording is therefore important.

Bookkeeping Form 1 Syllabus
  1. Subject Matter Of Book Keeping Syllabus
    1. Subject Matter of Book Keeping Syllabus
      1. Define book keeping Syllabus
      2. Explain the role of Book-keeping Syllabus
      3. Explain the concepts of business entity Syllabus
  2. Principles Of Double Entry System Syllabus
    1. Principles of Double Entry Sysytem Syllabus
      1. Describe what a business transaction is Syllabus
      2. Analyses a business transaction Syllabus
      3. Sort the changing values of things owned and owed Syllabus
      4. Determine account balances Syllabus
  3. Classification Of Accounts Syllabus
    1. Classification of Accounts Syllabus
      1. Differentiate between personal and impersonal accounts Syllabus
  4. Trial Balance Syllabus
    1. Trial Balance Syllabus
      1. Define the Trial Balance Syllabus
      2. Construct a Trial Balance Syllabus
      3. Give the advantages and short falls of the Trial Balance Syllabus
  5. Stock Syllabus
    1. Stock Syllabus
      1. Distinguish between stock at start and stock at close Syllabus
      2. Identify the treatment of stocks in the books of the business with particular reference to the final accounts Syllabus
  6. Elementary Trading Profit And Loss Accounts Syllabus
    1. Elementary Trading Profit and Loss Accounts Syllabus
      1. Describe what a Trading, profit and Loss account is Syllabus
      2. Determine the Gross profit or Gross Loss Syllabus
      3. Determine the cost of goods sold Syllabus
      4. Determine the net profit and the net loss Syllabus
  7. Elementary Balance Sheet Syllabus
    1. Elementary Balance Sheet Syllabus
      1. Define the balance sheet Syllabus
      2. Explain the Balance sheet Interpretation and Capital of the business Syllabus


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