Civics Form 1 Syllabus

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Civics is the study of theoretical and practical aspects of citizenship, their rights and duties to each other and to the Government. It involves the study of people’s way of life including political and cultural aspects such as education processes, religion, election processes, customs and language. It aims at providing people with important skills like leadership skills among many others. Civics is all about people’s political, social and cultural life.
Civics Form 1 Syllabus
  1. Our Nation Syllabus
    1. The Components of our Nation Syllabus
      1. To be able to analyse the components that make up our nation Syllabus
    2. The National Symbols Syllabus
      1. Identify Tanzania’s national symbols Syllabus
      2. Explain the significance of each national symbol Syllabus
      3. Identify Tanzania’s national festivals and their significance Syllabus
    1. Meaning and Types Syllabus
      1. Explain the meaning and types of life skills Syllabus
      2. Illustrate the importance of life skills Syllabus
      3. Demonstrate how to use social skills Syllabus
      4. Analyse the consequences of not applying social skills Syllabus
    1. Aspects of Human Rights Syllabus
      1. Define human rights Syllabus
      2. Explain the various aspects of human rights Syllabus
      3. Explain the importance of human rights in our society Syllabus
      4. Relate human rights to the provision of basic needs Syllabus
      5. Evaluate the role of Government and different pressure groups in the promotion of human rights in Tanzania Syllabus
    2. Limitations of Individual Human Rights Syllabus
      1. Explain the meaning and purpose of limitations of individual human rights Syllabus
    3. Human Rights Abuse Syllabus
      1. To be able to explain the meaning and effects of human rights abuse Syllabus
    1. Concept of Citizenship Syllabus
      1. Explain the meaning of citizen and citizenship Syllabus
      2. Explain types and the importance of citizenship Syllabus
    2. Citizenship Responsibilities Syllabus
      1. Explain the responsibilities of a citizen Syllabus
      2. Practice civic responsibilities Syllabus
    3. Responsibilities to Special Groups Including HIV/AIDS Victims Syllabus
      1. Define the term special groups Syllabus
      2. Identify special needs for each special group Syllabus
      3. Point out his/her responsibilities towards special group Syllabus
    1. The Concept of Work Syllabus
      1. Define Work Syllabus
      2. Name different work related activities done in the community Syllabus
    2. Importance of Work Syllabus
      1. Explain the importance of work for self-development Syllabus
      2. Relate work to the development of the nation Syllabus
    1. Rights and Responsibilities of Family Members Syllabus
      1. Analyse the rights and responsibilities of each member in the family Syllabus
      2. Assess the consequences of failure by family members to carry out their responsibilities Syllabus
    2. The Concept of Family Syllabus
      1. Define family Syllabus
      2. Identify types of families Syllabus
      3. Analyse the importance of family Syllabus
      4. Identify factors contributing to family stability Syllabus
      5. Identify foundations of a stable marriage Syllabus
    3. Elements of Proper Behaviour Syllabus
      1. Identify elements of indicators of proper behavior Syllabus
      2. Explain the importance of behaving properly Syllabus
    4. Responsible Decision Making Syllabus
      1. Explain the meaning and importance of responsible decision-making Syllabus
      2. Illustrate skills needed to make healthy decisions Syllabus
    1. Importance of Road/Traffic Signs Syllabus
      1. Explain the meaning of road or traffic signs Syllabus
      2. Give correct interpretation of road or traffic signs Syllabus
      3. Explain the importance of obeying road or traffic signs Syllabus
      4. Explain the consequences of failure to observe road traffic signs Syllabus
    2. Causes of Road Accidents Syllabus
      1. Identify causes of road accidents Syllabus
      2. Assess the magnitude of road accidents in Tanzania Syllabus
    3. Prevention of Road Accidents Syllabus
      1. Explain ways of preventing road accidents Syllabus
      2. Assess the magnitude of road accidents in Tanzania Syllabus
      3. Help the disabled, children and the elderly to cross roads Syllabus


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