Commerce Form 1 Syllabus

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Commerce is the conduct of trade among producers and consumers. Generally, commerce refers to the exchange of goods, services or something of value, between businesses or entities. From a broad perspective, nations are concerned with managing commerce in a way that enhances the well-being of citizens, by providing jobs and producing beneficial goods and services

Commerce Form 1 Syllabus
  1. The Scope Of Commerce Syllabus
    1. The Scope of Commerce Syllabus
      1. Explain the nature and the subject matter of commerce Syllabus
      2. Draw the commerce flow chart Syllabus
      3. Explain the importance of commerce in everyday life Syllabus
      4. Distinguish between commerce and economics Syllabus
      5. Discuss the development of commerce in Tanzania Syllabus
  2. Production Syllabus
    1. Production Syllabus
      1. Define the term “Production” Syllabus
      2. Explain the different types of goods Syllabus
      3. Identify the different factors of production Syllabus
      4. Explain the different types of costs of production Syllabus
      5. Explain how division of labour and specialization affect production Syllabus
      6. Discuss the importance of production Syllabus
      7. Classify production in its branches and main occupations Syllabus
      8. Show the relationships between production branches Syllabus


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