English Language Form Four Examination Format (CSEE) By Necta

English Language Form Four Examination Format (CSEE) By Necta



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English Language Form Four Necta Format for Certificate of Secondary Education Examination(CSEE).

English Language Form Four Examination Format (CSEE) By Necta


The obvious departure of the revised format from that of 2001 is that the rubric of Section D of this paper on Response to reading has been amended to ensure that candidates answer at least one (1) question on poetry and one (1) question on novels/short stories and plays.The new Examination format based on changes suggested in the 2005 English Language syllabus will be effective from 2008.


The examination will generally measure the extent to which candidates can:

2.1     Express themselves in both spoken and written English Language.

2.2     Read widely for pleasure and for information.

2.3     Perform a variety of writing tasks according to the required conventions.

2.4 Use knowledge of the English Language to demonstrate awareness and consciousness of basics of society and the part they can play in its development.

2.5     Use knowledge of the English Language in furthering their education.

2.6 Communicate effectively with other speakers of the English Language both inside and outside the country.


The examination will measure the candidate’s ability to:

3.1    Use English Language appropriately to communicate in a variety of settings.

3.2    Use English Language to achieve academically in all content areas.

3.3 Communicate in English Language using signs and read, using Braille, for the deaf and the blind respectively.


The examination will consist of one (1) paper of three (3) hours duration.  There will be 14 questions in sections A, B, C and D.  Candidates will be required to answer all questions except in Compositions and Response to Reading from each of which the candidates will be required to answer two (2) out of the four alternatives given.

4.1    Section A:  Comprehension and Summary

This section will consist of two (2) questions.  Question one (1) will have two parts;part one will involve reading a passage and respond to multiple- choice items and the second part will involve transferring information to a chart or filling-in-blank spaces. Question  two (2) will involve summary writing.  Both questions will carry a total of 10 marks (i.e. 5 marks each).

English Language Form Four Examination Format (CSEE) By Necta

4.2    Section B:  Patterns and Vocabulary

There will be a total of five (5) questions designed to test the candidates’ ability to apply (use) different language patterns and vocabulary items in different communicative situations.  There will be a total of five (5) situations each carrying four (4) marks.  The total marks for the section will be twenty (20).

4.3    Section C: Language Use 

The section will have a total of three (3) questions.  These will be matching, jumbled items and one on composition writing.  The matching and jumbled items will carry five (5) marks each.  The questions on composition will comprise four choices (a-d).  Candidates will be required to choose two (2).  Each composition will carry ten (10) marks.  The whole section will comprise 30 marks.

4.4    Section D:  Response To Reading

There will be four (4) questions in this section. Two (2) questions on poetry from  which the candidate will be required to attempt one(1) question and two (2) others on novels/short stories and plays from which the candidate will also attempt one(1). Each question will carry 20 marks.  Total marks for this section will be 40.  For Section D (Question 11 – 14) the List of Readings will be provided by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.


5.1    Comprehension and Summary

5.2    Patterns/Vocabulary

5.3    Language Use

5.4    Response to Reading


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