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Choose two (2) characters, (one each) from any two plays you have read and appreciated and show how they resemble and differ in terms of life experience. (Necta 2010 Private candidates)


Characters allude to those individuals or articles depicted in a masterpiece by the author for speaking to message to the specific culture. The term play then again alludes to one of the three classes of composed writing, a sort of sensational work written to be performed by entertainers on the stage, TV, or radio, the other two classifications of composed writing incorporate books and verse. The term looks like intends to be like a person or thing in appearance or conduct while the word contrasts implies the reality of being disparate or dissimilar to.

Taking everything into account, the two female characters of my decision are Wanjiro from the play “This time tomorrow” by Ngugi Wathiong’o and Juliette from the play “Three Admirer’s one Spouse” by Oyono Mbia. Coming up next is the means by which these two female characters look like.

Both have mindfulness. The term mindfulness can essentially be characterized to imply that state where an individual will in general know about something including the two its favorable circumstances and impediments from having noticed it or been told about it. Wanjiro from the play “This time tomorrow” is appeared to have mindfulness on the significance of instruction throughout everyday life. Wanjiro was somewhat desirous (envious) of her sibling’s schooling because of the way that he has been shipped off school while she was most certainly not. Her grumbling towards her sibling’s schooling shows that she has mindfulness that training is a lot of significant throughout everyday life. Then again, Juliette from the play “Three Admirers one Spouse” is additionally demonstrated having mindfulness that ladies and young ladies ought to be asked their feelings on the issues influencing them especially the subject of marriage, aside from that one, Juliette is likewise mindful that cash doesn’t demonstrate love that is the reason she won’t wed either Ndi or Mbia all things being equal, she chooses to wed Oko who is a simple school kid having no cash.

Both Wanjiro and Juliette battle for their genuine affection. The term love alludes to that an extraordinary sentiment of profound friendship. In the play “This time tomorrow”, Wanjiro is indicated battling for her genuine romance towards her beau Asinjo whom she adores to such an extent. Wanjiro is appeared to have genuine affection to Asinjo notwithstanding all the incomprehensible conditions, for example, tribalism set forward by her mom Njango not to have love relationship with Asinjo however this young lady (Wanjiro) resolved to battle lastly prevails to disappear with Asinjo and live with him in the city. Additionally, Juliette from “Three admirers one spouse” is demonstrated battling for her genuine affection towards Oko whom she cherishes to such an extent. Notwithstanding all the weights from her folks to wed the government worker Mbia and different admirers, Juliette is resolved to battle for her genuine romance to the point of taking the lady cost offered by the admirers and offers it to Oko that he could utilize it to wed her. Toward the end, Juliette prevails to wed Oko, the spouse willingly.

Both wanjiro and Juliette come from helpless families. A helpless family is the one whose individuals need adequate cash to live at a standard thought about agreeable or typical. Wanjiro from “This time tomorrow” is appeared to come from the group of a Kenyan political dissident which carries on with a helpless life at Uhuru Market with her mom. They live in ghettos and cover in which they abide is made of cardboard and spoiling tin. As that isn’t sufficient, Wanjiro and her mom, Njango share the floor as a bed. Then again, Juliette from “Three Admirers One Spouse” is appeared to come from the worker family which is undoubtedly extremely poor. Destitution inside Juliette’s family can be demonstrated from the reality they constrain her to wed the government worker Mbia on the grounds that they have exclusive standard that they will be rich after that. They consider marriage as business that is the reason they need Mbia to give them a ton of things, for example, of cola nuts, a pristine engine cycle, iron bed, cotton bedding, organizer, a sewing machine, four bulls, fifteen sheep, ten goats and twenty pigs when the time has come to have this union with Juliette enrolled.

Subsequent to having examined the looks like of the two characters, lets us now to the second piece of the inquiry which requests the distinction between these two characters. Coming up next is the manner by which these two characters vary as far as life involvement with terms of instruction. The term training alludes to the information obtained or granted through instructing and learning, particularly at a school or comparative organization. Juliette from the play (Three admirers’ one spouse) is demonstrated to be the character that is instructed, she procures her conventional training presented by the French in Cameroon at Libamba optional school, then again, Wanjiro from the book (This time tomorrow) is spoken to as a character who lacks an opportunity to get formal schooling that is one reason why she used to fight with her mom who has purposely sent Wanjiro’s sibling to the uncle around so he may go to class.

Distinction regarding conjugal status. Conjugal status alludes to reality of someone’s being hitched or unmarried. This is additionally another basis which causes these characters to contrast as far as life experience. Juliette from the play “Three admirers one spouse” is appeared toward the finish of the play being hitched to Oko because of taking the lady of the hour cost offered by the two suitorsNdi and Mbia who officially needed to wed her. Notwithstanding all the unthinkable conditions and weights set forward by her family members to wed the government employee (Mbia). Then again Wanjiro from the play “This time tomorrow” contrasts from Juliette it could be said that she isn’t hitched simply like Juliette rather she used to live together, implying that living respectively and have a sexual relationship with Asinjo without being hitched. Subsequently Juliette is a spouse of Oko while Wanjiro is a companion of Asinjo; henceforth the two have diverse conjugal status.

Distinction as far as African culture. The term African culture essentially implies the convictions, customs, practice and social conduct of a specific country or individuals. There is a major distinction among Juliette and Wanjiro regarding the height towards the African culture, for instance, in spite of Juliette to be instructed she is depicted that the conventional schooling has not totally removed her from her way of life. Juliette underpins great parts of African culture and is against the terrible angles ones. For instance, one of the conventions found in the Bulu clan of Mvoutessi town is that when somebody of the clan has lived out of the town for quite a while, he/she should grasp the individuals the day of their appearance into the town. In the book, Juliette is demonstrated grasping the individuals from her clan when she shows up into the town from her school, this shows that she keeps the African culture and convention of her clan.

Then again, Wanjiro from the play “This time tomorrow” is demonstrated to be influenced y the impact of western culture to the point of disregarding the African culture. Wanjiro respects to live like an European woman. She needs dress and shoes high-heels with the goal that she can work like an European woman, a pack swinging from her left elbow-fingering a cigarette in her correct hand. The entirety of this shows that Wanjiro has a low assessment of her African culture.

All things considered, it tends to be commonly inferred that the two characters Wanjiro and Juliette take after regarding mindfulness, having genuine affection and both came from helpless families. Nonetheless, then again notwithstanding their takes after, the two vary indeed as far as instruction, conjugal status just as regarding African culture. This has been obviously explained with the reference of two plays to be specific “This time tomorrow” and “Three Admirers one spouse” by Ngugi Wathiong’o and Oyono Mbia individually.

“Women play social obligations in a society though others do not honor their deeds”.  Verify this statement using two prescribed plays. (four points each)


In our general public ladies play social commitments however others don’t respect their deeds by utilizing the plays THREE Admirers ONE Spouse and THIS TIME TOMMOROW composed by GUILLAUME OYONO MBIA and NGUGI WATHIONG’O separately this proclamation is confirmed as follows:

Beginning with the play THREE Admirers ONE Spouse, diverse social commitments played by ladies in the general public are as per the following;

Ladies battle against constrained marriage. Constrained marriage alludes to the circumstance whereby somebody is compelled to wed somebody without his/her anxiety. In this play, the writer uncovers that Atangana powers his girl Juliette to wed Mbia out of her will. Therefore Juliette won’t wed a man whom she doesn’t cherish. Juliette’s family don’t care for the demonstration made by their little girl of denying their set plans of being hitched to Mbia who is viewed as a government employee. In our social orders the demonstration of constrained marriage is a lot of normal. This is on the grounds that young ladies are not offered opportunity to settle on suggestions on their decision rather it is just guardians who choose their shoulder (sake). Therefore such a young lady will in general deny the request set by the guardians prompting a never-ending strife among the two gatherings in light of the fact that their folks don’t respect such conduct. Constrained marriage can prompt clashes in the family among the couples (spouse and husband) in light of the fact that being hitched through power almost certainly, the couples need common love in their home and hence guardians should offer space to their kids to settle on choice when it goes ahead issues of marriage.

Ladies as an informed individual. The writer uncovers that Juliette is instructed at Libamba Optional School regardless of the resistance forced by her kin. Thus the instruction she has procured changes her town by debilitating the established act of not permitting a lady to settle on choice on her own undertakings. This is appeared in transit she (Juliette) prevails to wed Oko her lone darling. In our general public, numerous ladies hold various situations in legislative issues, financial and social field. For instance, we have ladies who are legal advisors, lasting secretaries and numerous others. Subsequently individuals should uphold teaching ladies since ladies assume significant function in molding the general public a portion of these jobs incorporate minding of the family.

Ladies are against ladies separation regarding dynamic. Separation alludes to the circumstance whereby somebody is less treated/minded due to his/her sex, race/shading or religion. Lady doesn’t give a similar open door as man. The book uncovers that Juliette is against ladies segregation as she additionally needs to get occasion to communicate her perspectives about the marriage her conduct isn’t upheld by others as don’t permit ladies to talk when a man is talking. In our general public the issue of lady segregation is clearly observed as lady are not given similar open door as men when they attempt to free themselves others particularly their dads and grandparents they don’t respect their conduct.

Ladies have genuine romance; the writer shows that Juliette has genuine romance. This is appeared in transit she denies marriage with some other man separated from Oko. Her basic stand causes others (her folks) to disdain her. Genuine romance is found in our general public as we see individuals participate in marriage through their will, likewise, little youngsters and young ladies will in general keep up such soul by appending to each other. Genuine romance is significant as it causes solidarity and even advancement in the family.

Likewise by utilizing a play THIS TIME TOMORROW extraordinary social commitment in a general public played by ladies that don’t regarded by others are as per the following,

Ladies are diligent employees; the dramatist uncovers that Njango is a persevering lady as she rises promptly toward the beginning of the day to do her homegrown errands by planning soup to acquire her living. It is indicated that individuals who live at the Uhuru Market including first, second and third clients used to discover the soup prepared promptly toward the beginning of the day. In our general public there are hard functions ladies as Njango, some accept as business vendors, government officials, fabric creators and numerous different occupations. In spite of being exposed to various torment such ladies keep battling for the prosperity of their networks. Dedicated is a lot of significant for the network advancement as it eliminates neediness consequently individuals, all things considered, ought to be urged to embrace it.

Ladies are against terrible deeds of the public authority, the dramatist shows that Njango is against destruction of houses from cleaning city crusade as she doesn’t have the foggiest idea where she needs to pursue the destruction, and the public authority has not given individuals and residents the substitute zones to settle. Njango’s conduct against awful deeds of the public authority isn’t recognized by all particularly people with great influence. Model, reviewer Kiongo. The activity of wrecking of the houses is ordinarily found in our general public as the public authority will in general put signs to certain structures as a notice/alert the proprietors to destroy their homes. This regularly occurs in the occasion when the said structures didn’t follow appropriate channel during acquirement of the plots or such structures have been developed under quality. This thusly results to destitute to numerous regular people. There is a need of the public authority to acutely address gives that may ruin better everyday routine of its residents and permit individuals experience amicable sort of life.

Ladies are acceptable counsels, the dramatist has uncovered that assume fundamental part in offering advices to other people. In this play, the writer utilizes Njango as a decent guide; this is appeared in transit she exhorts Wanjiro to be a diligent employee and not practice/impersonate as an European woman since it might causes her apathetic and ward. Wanjiro don’t care for the exhortation as she continues going about as an European woman. In our general public there are ladies who are acceptable guides as they resolutely shape their kids, their spouses and without a doubt other relatives on the correct way to follow. Listening the guidance given by ladies is something we should consider in light of the fact that such counsel may help to a person to dominate well.

Ladies as mindful: Mindfulness alludes to the circumstance where an individual is having information or view of a specific certainty or circumstance. In our play, the dramatist depicts Wanjiro as a young lady having mindfulness on the significance of schooling throughout everyday life. Wanjiro was somewhat jealous of her sibling’s schooling because of the way that he has been shipped off school while herself was definitely not. Mindfulness is something we experience to numerous young ladies and ladies inside our general public since a large number of them know about their privileges and are prepared to battle for it. Attention to ladies is alleviating we should zero in on in light of the fact that once a lady knows about her privileges and obligations it might go about as an impetus to advancement.

Ladies as unimportant dealer: The term insignificant merchant alludes to a broker who takes part in private venture. In this play, the dramatist appoints this situation to the spouse of Kenyan political dissident, Njango. Njango is demonstrated directing negligible exchange at Uhuru Market selling soup and some different sorts of food-stuffs to the ghetto tenants. In our general public there are numerous ladies who participate in frivolous organizations as the method of taking care of their family.

For the most part, it is opportune time for men to consider and respect beneficial things rehearsed by ladies since ladies hold quantities of duties like that of nursing the youngsters, planning family food and numerous other financial and political commitments. For this situation men need to guarantee that ladies are engaged by being regarded by the network individuals.

The playwright depicts the experience of their own society but the issues tend to be universal. Justify this contention using two (2) readings (four points from each play)


Things, which portray by the writer which experience their own general public are topics, consequently subjects allude to the principle thoughts in an artistic work. By utilizing the play THREE Admirers ONE Spouse and THE LION AND THE Gem composed by Guilllaume Oyono Mbia and Wole Soyinka individually. The above assertion is strikingly proven in the blueprint underneath.

Beginning with the book THREE Admirers ONE Spouse coming up next are things which they experience their own general public.

Polygamy, this implies the traditions of wedding more than one spouse simultaneously. From the book we see that Mbia has eight spouses and he needs to wed julliete as a ninth wife, likewise Mbarga has twelve wives, in our general public is generally observed to the muslims since muslims are permitted to a lot more than one wife yet greatest four thus polygamy is available in our general public.

Nepotism, this implies giving uncalled for favorable circumstances to your kin on the off chance that you are in position of intensity. From the book is seen that Mbarga is never contacted in spite of the fact that his significant other makes Ark since he is the headman however individuals like Ondua are gotten and beaten by the police. Likewise regular townspeople get issues in acquiring firearm allows in light of the fact that they are not known by anyone in those officials and subsequently they expect that Mbia can help them. In our general public nepotism is clearly observed in light of the fact that a portion of the public authority authorities serve individuals that they know and now and then they can’t any measures against such individuals once found in issues the public authority authorities as well as others in our general public henceforth nepotism is indicated happening in our general public.

Odd notion, this alludes to the bogus thought towards or about a specific issue or occasion. In the book is seen that when Abessolo implodes then Mbarga reveals to Ndi that he has accompanied black magic to murder individuals. Subsequently individuals in Mvoutesi are offbeat. In the general public individuals who are offbeat are seen particularly individuals use strange notion to acquire power, to be brilliant and numerous others henceforth odd notion is found in our general public.

Constrained marriage, is where someone either male or female is to wed somebody who isn’t enamored. In the book is seen that Juliette is constrained by her family to get hitched by the admirer Mbia who is rich contrasted with different admirers in spite of the fact that Jullite isn’t prepared as she has just drawn in to the one whom she adores Oko. In our general public the greater part of the guardians power their girls to wedded to get lady of the hour cost to use as their pay thus constrained marriage is drilled in our general public.

By winding up with the book THE LION AND THE Gem coming up next are things, which are portrayed by the dramatist in which they experience their own general public.

Untrustworthiness, this is the demonstration of not being mindful to certain obligation, in the book we see lakunle is flippant individual essentially in light of the fact that he leaves his students in class and goes to see sidi, additionally he doesn’t care for utilizing his schooling to take care of the fundamental issues of his general public rather he discusses building a montage to show individuals European dance. In the general public recklessness is seen for the most part in the top of the families, top of the country especially they don’t achieve what is deprived by their resident.

Ladies liberation, this way to settle ladies abuse. The play see that ladies are not allowed to settle on choice most particularly choice about their life for instance, Lakunle present individuals who battles for ladies’ privileges Lakunle doesn’t need one spouse to have more than one wife, Lakunle additionally observes that lady of the hour cost among purposes behind ladies persecution. In our general public individuals who look like Lakunle are distinctively observed just on the grounds that some understand the ladies mistreatment because of their capacity socially or strategically, henceforth ladies liberation is rehearsed in our general public.

Disloyalty is a demonstration of not being steadfast towards a person or thing in the book is seen that after Lakunle get western instruction he double-crosses his custom model, following through on lady cost, he shows up as an outsider in his own nation, and furthermore he asserts that addressing lady cost is a crude culture. In our general public disloyalty is seen most particularly to individuals who are in sexual relationship in which one of them profess to be infatuated with opposite end completely one becomes dis-faithful to another consequently treachery happens in our general public.

Dissent, this alludes to the demonstration of going inverse towards a person or thing. In the play the dramatist uncovers that a few characters, for example, Lakunle challenge conventional ways particularly addressing lady of the hour cost. He imagines that lady of the hour cost is much the same as purchasing some other ware from the market, likewise Sidi challenges being hitched to Baroka on the ground old enough as says “I am youthful he is old”. In the general public there are individuals who act like Lakunle since they appear to go inverse about the shades of malice and terrible practice for instance, drug misuse and awful social practice, for example, early marriage and numerous other.

To close the above blueprint one can say that notwithstanding numerous things that have been portrayed by the writers in the experience of their own general public, still the general public experiences numerous results as they block social and monetary turn of events. It should be bound in the psyche of the general public that everything which can prompt the negative effects must be annulled.

”Conflict is inevitable in any society” but the intelligent individuals find the good ways to solve them. to use two plays you have read show the validate this above statement.


Conflict alludes to the misconception between at least two characters. Inside our general public distinctive insightful individual make an honest effort in finding the great methods of tackling issue that face their locale. By utilizing two play named “THREE Admirers ONE Spouse” and “THE LION AND THE Gem” which composed by Guillaume Oyono Mbia and Wole Soyinka separately.

By beginning with a play named “THREE SUITOS ONE Spouse” coming up next are the contentions that exist in the play as explained by keen people.

Juliette against Oko on the matter of where to get lady cost. Juliette as savvy young ladies utilizes her insight to understand a contention among her and Oko. Juliette chose to take cash from home and offer it to Oko to come and address it as a lady of the hour cost .Toward the end they successeed to wed one another. Individuals need to learn and think appropriate method of settling strife like what Juliette does in the story.

Juliette against Atangana when Juliette will not wed Mbia.Juliette as a political dissident and taught young lady realizes that has option to settle on choice about her own marriage. This makes a contention among her and her dad as he powers to wed Mbia. Be that as it may, toward the end Juliette consented to wed the primary man who might have the option to address 30,000 Franc as a lady of the hour cost. Guardians in our general public actually power their little girls to wed the individuals who are not their most ideal decision because of this is horrendous sort of life among them. In this way, guardians need to take note of that everybody has an option to settle on choice when it goes ahead issue concerning their future life, so parent ought to dispense with obsolete convictions and customary traditions.

Mbia against Juliette Family on the matter of his taken cash. Mbia denounces Juliette family and vows to call for police in the event that they neglect to repay his cash. The contention is settled down after the appearance of Oko and presents as a financial specialist from far away ,along these lines chooses to pay cash comparatively to those vanished henceforth Juliette’s family figures out how to return back the taken cash to Mbia. Indeed, even in our general public of today pioneers actually utilize their situation to unnerve others so pioneers should know there duty.

Intra-struggle to Kouma on what to do about Juliette and Oko marriage.Kouma is shrewd kid who realizes that Juliette has the privileges to pick her own significant other. He figures himself on what ought to do to support her cousin. Toward the end Kouma chooses to assist Juliette with sending cash to Oko and afterward presents Oko as an individual from far away just as an extraordinary man. Toward the end Juliette and Oko figure out how to wed one another.

By utilizing another play named “THE LION AND THE LEWEL” strife happens in different ways inside the book. Coming up next are clashes as explained by wise individuals inside the book.

The contention among Baroka and Sidi.Baroka is a savvy man who becomes hopelessly enamored to Sidi.The strife among Baroka and Sidi comes after Sidi will not wed Baroka. Baroka utilizes his insight to deceive and traps Sidi and have intercourse with her. Toward the end struggle is settled down when Sidi concurred wed Baraka. Inside our general public individuals like Baroka still presence so Government ought to sanction laws to rebuff those practices to make an only society of tomorrow.

The contention among Baroka and Lakunle. The contention among Baroka and Lakunle exists as a result of their opposition over Sidi. Sidi is canny young lady who regards herself additionally she accepts that to be regarded in the general public lady of the hour cost ought to be paid ahead of time before marriage. Sidi settles down the contention among Baroka and Lakunle by decciding to get hitched to boss Baroka in the wake of being following the stunt Baroka made that his an impontence.Even in our general public individuals actually crash because of the adoration, so young ladies ought to pick just one accomplice to dodge such sort of contention.

The contention among Old and Youthful. This contention happens when boss Baroka needs to wed Sidi. Sidi from the outset won’t wed on the ground that he is Old while she is Youthful. Yet, toward the end Sidi acknowledges to be hitched with him subsequent to understanding that disregarding being an Elderly person yet he is still very powerfull.Therefore in our general public little youngsters actually consider an Elderly person like individuals that they can’t fulfill their sexual craving so should regard them.

The contention among Sidi and Lukunle on the matter of lady cost. Lakunle is an astute kid he realizes that lady value that is paid for marriage resembles conventional practices. Lakunle as taught man will not pay for Sidi this makes a contention among him and Sidi. Be that as it may, strife is settled somewhere near Sidi in the wake of choosing to be hitched by boss Baroka. Indeed, even in our general public such sort of contention actually exists. Individuals particularly parent need their girl to wed a rich man so society should change and dodge rehearses obsolete traditions.

For the most part, strife is unavoidable in various society and causes numerous issue in our today society like undevelopment of our countries and in some cases it can prompt death toll. Yet, the presence of savvy people can assist with explaining the contentions which occurs in our general public by discovering elective methods of unravel them consequently training abilities of issues illuminating ought to be given to all general public individuals.


Suggest lessons which can be drawn from the two plays you have read under this section.


An exercise alludes to what you have gained from the scholarly work. By utilizing two plays which are the ”LION AND THE Gem and THREE Admirers ONE Spouse”. composed by Wole Soyinka and Guillaume Oyono Mbia individually.

To begin with The Lion and the Gem, the writer has depicted the accompanying exercises

Instructed individuals ought to be in cutting edge to serve for their general public; in the book the dramatist depicts that Lakunle who is a shrub essential instructor attempts to present new arrangement of life by battling for the ladies rights, for instance as it shows ladies particularly little youngsters should be allowed to pick their mates likewise this additionally occurs inside social orders whereby various individuals will in general battle for the prosperity of the women’srights to schooling and the right to speak freely of discourse.

We should be dependable when endowed a few duties; the writer depicts Lakunle as the person who leaves his understudies in homeroom and goes to converse with Sidi. Likewise Baroka as a main uses public assets to redirect the development of railroads as opposed to supporting the improvement in his town. This is obvious in our general public since numerous pioneers will in general zero in on their personal responsibility by ignoring others.

Awful unfamiliar conventions ought not be moved in our general public since they are of less incentive to our current circumstance. In the book Lakunle will not address lady cost since he has been westernized so he has changed it to his locale and causes strife likewise in social orders individuals who are westernized attempt to change the advanced custom like wearing short dresses like miniskirts and terrible hair cuttings which eventually results into social destruction.

Obliviousness is among the wellsprings of a work in progress in the general public; The dramatist shows that Sadiku is constrained by her better half to entice different young ladies like Sidi this implies that occasionally men use ladies to win their kindred ladies yet additionally in our current society a few ladies are as yet constrained by their spouses in the event of workaholic behavior and family care. The reasoning individuals need to get freed off these practices.

A section from The Lion and the Gem additionally under the play “THREE Admirers ONE Spouse” we get the accompanying exercises;

Society is dynamic a few customs that are bad ought to be changed. The dramatist depicts the group of Atangana who power their little girl Juliette to wed Mbia who has nine spouses without mulling over the results that may result out of it. In our general public a few guardians power their little girls to wed well off individuals regardless of whether they are not their most ideal decision. Constrained marriage is as yet polished in the general public particularly in the metropolitan territories; thus guardians need to permit their little girls to settle on their own decision on the opportune individual to wed.

Instruction is significant in acquiring changes the general public subsequently individuals should be engaged with all parts of education.The dramatist depicts Kouma ,Oko and Juliette who go to class to get schooling and they prevail to change society. Essentially, in our general public we witness individuals with instruction changing the way of life of their networks by censuring awful social and political practices that may ruine the soundness of the individuals. Along these lines, individuals need to organize on issues worried with training to.

Genuine affection brings great family and henceforth stay away from family clashes; the dramatists depicts Juliette and Oko who have a genuine affection and they prevail to wed one another and have a decent family additionally inside society a few people figure out how to get a join forces with genuine affection thus finishing making a decent marriage and great a steady family everywhere .

For the most part the exercise that have been gained from the above plays should be considered by guaranteeing handy execution is in move and not hypothetically so we can bring the progressions inside social orders by nullifying awful social practices and follow the great ones.

Pick eight characters, four from every one of the two plays you have examined and talk about their parts to the social orders.

Jobs allude to as the duties they have in the general public. Characters are the individuals who are utilized to pass on the message through various jobs they perform. Plays are the in a real sense type which are composed by play wrights. Utilizing two plays which are “THREE Admirers ONE Spouse” and “THIS TIME TOMORROW” composed by “GUILLAUME OYONO MBIA” and NGUGI WA THIONGO separately coming up next are the characters used to show their parts in the general public.

Choose eight characters, four from each of the two plays you have studied and discuss their roles to the societies.


Jobs allude to as the duties they have in the general public. Characters are the individuals who are utilized to pass on the message through various jobs they perform. Plays are the in a real sense type which are composed by play wrights. Utilizing two plays which are “THREE Admirers ONE Spouse” and “THIS TIME TOMORROW” composed by “GUILLAUME OYONO MBIA” and NGUGI WA THIONGO separately coming up next are the characters used to show their functions in the general public.

Beginning with THREE Admirers ONE Spouse, the accompanying characters are the one picked to show their parts to the social orders.

Juliette. This was a young lady and a girl of Makrita, she was taught and the most lovely young lady in the town. She has been utilized here in the play to show that ladies ought not concede to the customs which undergrade them, for example, lady cost however ought to settle on their own issues.

Atangana. This was the dad of Juliette and oyono. He was a man who consistently observed the splendid future that is the reason he sent Juliette to class. So as he could get large lady of the hour cost. He has been utilized here to show how men mistreats ladies through customs which are obsolete subsequently men should quit carrying on like Atangana.

Oko. This was an informed youngster who was infatuated with Juliette yet he would not like to address lady cost since he knew that it was a method of mistreating ladies subsequently his job was to show men in the general public that they ought not abuse ladies through conventions.

Mbia. This was an extremely rich and Reckless man who needed to wed Juliette consequently payed cost yet when Juliette cannot and took the cash he needed his cash back and undermined the residents to take them to fall flat through his power on the off chance that they need return it back. His job is to encourage individuals particularly holding the public trust not to utilize their forces to threatene others.

Winding up with THIS TIME TOMORROW, the accompanying characters are utilized to introduce their functions to the social orders.

Njango. This was a tough lady mother of wanjiro and a solid upholder of African conventions. She was thoughtful and persevering as she used to rise early and plan bone soup for his clients she is a widow and she raised Wanjiro well as she used to debilitate her propensity for being languid subsequently she remains as a lady who has the right to be a guide to other ladies through her parts in the social orders.

Wanjiro. Wanjiro was the little girl of Njango and she was a vagrant, she was poor, lethargic and she used to appreciate western culture, she is against conventional convictions and customs, for example, tribalism which makes her mom not to release her to be hitched to Asinjo in light of the fact that they came from various clans. She is cote and mindful of her privileges to be shipped off school simply live his sibling. She stands to show the jobs that individuals ought not be bound up with conventional traditions and furthermore ought to know about their privileges and additionally ought not be lethargic as it is unfortunate propensity.

Monitor Kiongo. This was the assessor who deceived individuals of the Uhuru market soon after the autonomy on the grounds that before freedom he was likewise among the individuals however after autonomy he torments individuals. Consequently his jobs is to show individuals not to be double-crossers as it debilitate people groups hurt and furthermore not to fail to remember where they come from.

Stranger. This was an individual who was accepted by individuals to have enchantment controls subsequently his job was to solidarity individuals during the time spent battling for autonomy at Uhuru market so that their ghettos ought not be wrecked. Individuals had trust in him yet turned out to be frustrated when he announced that he has no any wizardry power, subsequently they fled and was gotten by the cops as an individual who causes individuals to conflict with government request.

Characters in assumes have numerous functions in our social orders whereby through those jobs, the general public gets a message which can make them either embrace or conflict with their previous practices like being solid upholders of obsolete traditions which under evaluation a specific gathering, for example, lady value which under evaluation ladies. Likewise receiving to be persevering like Njango and so forth

Use two plays you have studied under this section discuss how some traditions, customs and beliefs contribute to misunderstandings and under-development in a society. (Give four points from each play). 


Conventions, customs and convictions are the overall standards, rules and guideline of a specific culture and they vary starting with one society then onto the next. These incorporate dressing style, eating restrictions, wedding functions, and appropriation of errands. These conventions, customs and convictions may add to misconception in the general public and underdevelopment in the event that one gathering is supported than the other. This depicted by “NGUGI WA THIONGO” and “GUILLAUME OYONO MBIA” In their plays “THE Dark Loner” and “THREE Admirers ONE Spouse” individually as observed;

In the first place three admirer’s one spouse,

The play Wright has depicted the convention of not permitting ladies to settle on choice have lead to mistaken assumptions in the general public. Settling on choice concern oneself or the general public you live in can add to improvement of society. In the play, Juliette is denied the option to settle on her own choices about her own marriage and this enraged her and she chose to take the lady of the hour cost paid and offered it to Oko who was a man of her decision. This carried issues to the family when they found the cash was lost.

Additionally the convention of not schooling ladies has likewise come about to misconceptions and underdevelopment in the general public, The privilege to instruction ought to be delighted in by each individual in order to decrease reliance and training additionally makes an individual mindful of oneself. In the play, Atangana censures Makrita for sending Juliette to class once she got insubordinate to her seniors. Yet, this isn’t the truth; the training has helped Juliette to comprehend her privileges to picked who she needs to be in her future.

In addition, Polygamy is another convention that can result to false impressions and underdevelopment. Polygamy is the demonstration a man wedding more than one spouse. This can quicken spread of infection subsequently decrease labor in the general public prompting underdevelopment. In the play, Mbia needs Juliette as his eight spouse, Mbia utilizes the cash for organization to fulfill his inclinations and even lies the individuals with presents incase he wed Juliette. This can result to the underdevelopment in the general public.

Likewise, eating Restrictions can likewise prompt errors in the general public. Food restrictions incorporate confining a specific sexual orientation or gathering of individuals from eating certain nourishments. This denies an individual from getting some supplement, given by the nourishments. It can likewise prompt clash when individuals take the food without consent In Mvoutessi, young ladies and little youngsters are limited from eating snakes Belinga and Oyono are in struggle, with the Eldon on the grounds that they ate snakes without authorization. In the play, the dark loner,

Spouse legacy has come about to misconception in the general public. Spouse legacy is the demonstration of acquiring the wife of a sibling or close relative who is dead. In the general public this can result to clashes since each individual is allowed to live the manner in which she needs and it additionally quickening, spread of HIV/Helps. In the play, Remi will not wed Thoni after his sibling’s demise and this made submit Thoni to end it all.

Likewise, tribalism has additionally caused underdevelopment and misconception in the general public. Tribalism is the demonstrations of considering are clan better than the other. This prompts division in the general public subsequently coming about to underdevelopment. In the play, Jane disdains Remi for holding his conventions and furthermore the way that he got away from the issues in his town. Remi returned to the town with a man from Njobe clan and instructed the individuals the significance of solidarity.

Besides, odd notion is likewise portrayed as a reason for mistaken assumptions and being worked on in the general public. Odd notion is having confidence in great like progenitors, trees creatures and others. This creation disunity in the general public which results to underdevelopment since when individuals are disunity they can’t attempt to achieve improvement. In the play, the marva individuals are partitioned as some like the minister put stock in God others like senior trust in Marva medication. The came about into disunity and underdevelopment of the general public.

Ultimately, inconsistent dissemination of undertakings like development actuation and dealing with the family being explicit for ladies has likewise come about to underdevelopment in the general public. Ladies themselves can not attempt creation exercises and deal with the family simultaneously. They need uphold with the goal that the creation can be high to bring improvement. In the play, toward the starting Thoni is senn arranging beang and Nyobi is astonished to discover her not being finished with the cooking.

To summarize, albeit a few conventions, customs and believs lead to misconception and underdevelopment in the general public there are not many which are of extraordinary preferred position in the general public particularly to maintain the way of life. Thhis incorporate welcome style, dressing style and eating decorums.

In African societies, there were divisions among members when referring to issues of modernity. Discuss the statement with examples from two of the prescribed plays.


The term society implies a specific network of individuals who share similar traditions and laws while the idea division alludes to a contradiction or contrast in assessment or lifestyle particularly between citizenry or an association. On other hand the term advancement alludes to that state of being new and present day. It is genuine the explanation that in African social orders, there were divisions among individuals when alluding to issues of innovation, the legitimacy (reality) of this assertion can be demonstrated by utilizing two plays named “THREE Admirers ONE Spouse” by Oyono Mbia and “THE LION AND THE Gem” by Wole Soyinka as follows.

Beginning with the primary play “Three admirers one Spouse” the writer shows the divisions among individuals by depicting issues identified with constrained marriage, food restrictions and traditionalism as follows;

Division concerning constrained marriage, this alludes to the alliance of two individuals in wedlock done in light of the fact that someone who has power requires it. In this play for instance, it is demonstrated that there were divisions among individuals as the dramatist shows the youthful taught individuals like Juliette, Oko and Kouma with present day thoughts. These become against the marriage practice and backing arranged marriage. This is demonstrated on the demonstration of Juliette taking the lady of the hour cost paid by the two admirers and chooses to offer it to Oko and Kouma so that could utilize it to wed her. In our social orders this very much experienced in light of the fact that when guardians will in general power their girls to get hitched to a man who isn’t her decision such young lady ordinarily chooses something else. In this manner individuals especially guardians should bear in their brain that marriage is an arrangement between a man and a lady henceforth and sort of outside power into it is of less significant.

Division concerning food restrictions, these are kinds of food taboo to be utilized, referenced or drawn nearer as a result of social or social as opposed to lawful forbiddances. In the play, the writer speaks to this by refering to in transit Mvoutessi locals have their own food restrictions as such certain creatures like snakes and wild hogs were no-no to ladies, the more youthful men are not expected to eat them until they had been conceded exceptional consent to do as such by the seniors of the clan. In view of division among individuals, the youngsters particularly Belinga and Owono choose to conflict with this conventional no-no and thus choose to eat the snake without even the senior’s authorization, this thusly causes a genuine clash between the older folks against the youthful age. In our general public this varieties genuine happen in light of the fact that there are exceptional food that are taboo to be taken by a specific gathering among relatives.

Model a pregnancy lady is taboo to eat eggs, likewise there is an extraordinary piece of a hen meat which is prohibited to be eaten by any one among relatives aside from the older folks.

Division concerning traditionalism, the term traditionalism alludes to the inclination of individuals to oppose extraordinary or unexpected changes because of the explanation that they lean toward conventional styles and qualities. In the play, the writer depicts this by demonstrating that the old age favors traditionalism to innovation while the youthful age inclines toward advancement to traditionalism. Genuine model is refered to elderly individuals like Abessolo, Bela, Atangana and Mbarga who restrict present day thoughts of arranged marriage and sexual orientation correspondence. Similarly significant, youngsters like Juliette, Oko and Kouma contradict moderate thoughts of constrained marriage, polygamy and sexual orientation imbalance. This is all around found in our general public where little youngsters and young ladies respect the elderly individuals in to be moderate in numerous regions like in governmental issues, in monetary advancement just as in social-social perspectives. There is a requirement for the different sides to accommodate each other in this to maintain a strategic distance from genuine division among individuals.

Also, in the second play “The Lion and the Gem” the dramatist Wole Soyinka calls attention to the division among individuals on issues of advancement regarding polygamy, lady of the hour value, dressing styles and eating styles as follows;

Polygamy, this alludes to the propensity where a persona will in general have more than one spouse simultaneously. The act of polygamy has been a typical play in a large portion of the African nations especially in rustic networks. In the play, the writer shows this division by demonstrating Lakunle, a shrub teacher who is affected by innovation sees no coherent for one man to have more than one spouse while then again, an individual like Baroka is very restricted to these thoughts of advancement and subsequently continues wedding more wives. In our general public the act of polygamy is basic since individuals will in general wed numerous spouses and this has been a major issue as it brings divisions among the youthful and elderly folks individuals.

The subject of lady value, this alludes to an installment as cash or property made by the husband to be to the lady of the hour or her family. In the play, the dramatist shows Lakunle as an individual who is impacted by advancement and sees no purpose behind him to wed Sidi with lady of the hour cost. Lakunle as an informed individual considers lady cost as a savage and out-dated custom. He additionally respects that to address the cost would resemble paying a yearling off market slow down. Then again, Sidi being the conservative just as the Gem of Ilunjile isn’t prepared to wed Lakunle without lady cost. Subsequently s genuine division among Sidi and Lakunle happens where toward the end their marriage gets unimaginable. In numerous pieces of Tanzania the act of lady cost is regular as guardians become reluctantly to permit their little girls wed a man who has not followed through on a significant sort of lady of the hour cost. The general public need to stir in such manner by finding conceivable method of dealing with it.

Dressing-style, this alludes to the method of wearing garments of a specific sort with a certain goal in mind. In this play, the dramatist shows an intense division among individuals from a similar network in such manner. This is on the grounds that; Lakunle inclines toward current dressing style as he is seen persuading Sidi to be an advanced spouse by wearing high-obeyed shoes and red paint all the rage with hair extended. Sidi then again, doesn’t think about this advanced dressing style since she is a conservative; she favors the customary dressing style. This thusly causes a division between them. In our social orders, the majority of the divisions between the old and the youthful age depend on dressing-style. As the old age feels that the advanced method of dressing is against the African culture along these lines it does not merit following it while the youthful age then again thinks it is smarter to follow the cutting edge dressing style guaranteeing that it suits their designs.

Eating-style likewise is another zone which causes a genuine division among individuals from Illunjile when alluding to issues of innovation. It is appeared in this play that, Lakunle being an advanced man favors present day eating styles rather than customary ones. He likes to sit at a table, not on the floor and eat. He likewise inclines toward eating not with fingers as the majority of the Illunjile residents do, however with the blades and forks and delicate plates simply like socialized creatures. This makes a division among him and network the degree of calling him frantic and peacock.

The topic of division among individuals concerning eating style is applicable even in the social orders we live in on the grounds that there are a portion of the individuals who use fork, blade and so forth while others utilize their uncovered hands. This division ought not be urged to the point of embedding seeds of scorn and ill will among individuals from a similar network.

By and large, it could be reasoned that divisions among individuals when alluding to issues of advancement are because of marriage, food restrictions, lady of the hour value, dressing style just as eating styles to specify only a couple as appeared in the two plays. Nonetheless, it is imperative to take note of the expression that the pumpkin in the old property must not be evacuated. This implies that we ought not demolish something which is sturdy and which guarantees security. The pumpkin offers security from hunger during starvation. It likewise sends its underlying foundations profound into the dirt and afterward develops, spreading itself every which way. Accordingly these roots can be contrasted and the underlying foundations of the African culture and character.


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