Jinsi ya Kuandika Barua ya Maombi ya Kazi Kwa ufasaa

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Jinsi ya Kuandika Barua ya Maombi ya Kazi Kwa ufasaa | How to Write a Job Application Letter Effectively

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How to Write a Job Application Letter Effectively

A job application letter is a letter that is written for the purpose of applying for a job and not the other way around. apply for a job.

To write a job application letter contains important points to consider (Structure)


i) AUTHOR’S ADDRESS, Here you will write your address you the author of the letter, and remember this address sits at the top right of your paper

ii) DATE, After the author’s address below follows the date indicating the date on which the letter was written, the date in this letter resides under the author’s address on the right side of the paper.

iii) AUTHOR’S ADDRESS, After the author’s address and date then slightly below the left side of the paper follows the address of the correspondent.

iv) LETTER HEAD, Here is the section where the letter writer should state the main purpose or main purpose of the letter very briefly.

v) GREETINGS, the greeting area is used as part of the closing or introductory letter to the recipient for example by specifying the title of the recipient.

vi) LETTER OF THE LETTER, This is where we take it as the spirit of the letter, in this area the author should write the main purpose of the letter as expressed in the area of ​​the LETTER HEAD.

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The cell area can be divided into at least FOUR paragraphs and each paragraph carries one main goal.


In this paragraph the letter writer should state the type of job he is applying for and the salary when he sees an advertisement for the job you can also mention your three names and your age.


In the second paragraph here the author should briefly describe his / her knowledge / knowledge based on his / her knowledge of what he / she has read

Ref; everything should be written briefly and not give too much detail as the reputation of a professional letter is not long.


In the third paragraph you the author should try to convince the person you are writing to why he or she can offer you that job and not someone else, here tell him or her about your professional differences, academic, discretion, discipline, obedience and other qualities you have will make you different and other applicants.


This verse gives you the opportunity to inform the employer that you are ready whenever you are needed for an interview, do not lock the employer up by mentioning your personal date and be free to ask him or her to find you at any time for an interview.

Also provide your contacts as phone numbers


vii) END OF LETTER, End of letter includes a number of things including sending us concluding letters such as (they are in the nation building, they are in the organization / company building or they are loyal)

Also conclude your letter by writing your signature followed by all three of your names.

Jinsi ya Kuandika Barua ya Maombi ya Kazi Kwa ufasaa | How to Write a Job Application Letter Effectively

Mfano wa Barua ya Kuomba Kazi kwa Kiswahili


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